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Champion’s 2018 Gold Discovery

The Baner Project consists of 227 claims totalling 1,829 hectares of land located in the middle of the Orogrande Shear Zone which hosts a number of gold deposits, including the Friday Gold Project located 5 miles south of Baner (Endomines AB announced commercial production in April 2020). Exploration at the Baner Project consisted of almost 8,000 metres of drilling between 2018 and 2020 with an extended mineralized zone footprint (north-south) of 2.25 km. Baner’s mineralization begins at surface and exploration has “open-pit” potential. Property 100% owned with no NSRs.

Baner Project in the Fairway of the Elk City Gold Belt

A re-emerging gold mining district with active exploration and new production as Endomines began producing gold from underground resource in Q1/20 at the Friday Project.

Drilling Highlights

Metallurgical Testing – 2019

  • Gold readily leached from the sample. Gold extractions ranged from 87.1% to 93.2% with higher extractions coming from the finer ground material. The majority of gold was extracted in the first 24 hours with slower kinetics observed with the 10 mesh leach test.
  • Head analyses indicate that the composite sample contains approximately 1.0 g/mt Au and 2.0 g/mt Ag. There is virtually no organic carbon or sulfides present in the sample.
  • The gold present in the composite sample is free milling with extractions over 87% even at a coarse particle size of 10 mesh. A maximum gold extraction of 93% was achieved at 100 mesh and 200 mesh grinds, but with significantly higher cyanide consumption than observed at the 10 mesh particle size.